Saturday, August 29, 2015

New Website Reveals Personal Information Even Google Can't Find

Ever try Googling someone only to come up with basic information and maybe a link or two to an outdated social media profile? There's a new website going around that promises to reveal much more then just a simple google search can show you.

Been issued a speeding ticket? Failed to stop at a stop sign? What about your family members? And friends? If you are like most of us, the answer to at least one of those questions is “yes”—the vast majority of us have slipped up at least once or twice.

An innovative new website—Instant Checkmate is now revealing the full “scoop” on millions of Americans.

Instant Checkmate aggregates hundreds of millions of publicly available criminal, traffic, and arrest records and posts them online so they can easily be searched by anyone. Members of the site can literally begin searching within seconds, and are able to check as many records as they like (think: friends, family, neighbors, etc. etc.).

Previously, if you wanted to research someone’s arrest records, you might have had to actually go in to a county court office—in the appropriate county—and formally request information on an individual. This process may have taken days or weeks, or the information might not have been available at all. With websites like Instant Checkmate, however, a background check takes just a few clicks of the mouse, and no more than a minute or two.

While preparing this article I decided to run a quick search on myself to give the service a real-world test. To my dismay, the search revealed several items I’d long forgotten—one of them being for the possession of a fake ID I was (embarrassingly) issued back in college when I was just 18 years old.

After searching myself and finding those records, my curiosity was piqued, and I began researching family members—apparently my aunt Susanne isn’t a very good driver, judging by the numerous traffic citations that showed on her record.

One of the most interesting aspects of Instant Checkmate is that it shows not only criminal records, but also more general background information like court records, various types of licenses (medical, firearm, aviation, etc.), previous addresses, phone numbers, birthdates, estimated income levels and even satellite imagery of known addresses—it’s really pretty scary just how much information is in these reports.

In addition to giving information on the specific person you search for, the report also includes a scrolling list of “local sex offenders” for whatever region you’ve searched—along with a map plotting out the locations of those offenders. I started perusing the ones that showed up in my report, and I was absolutely blown away when I stumbled upon my junior high school wrestling coach’s mug shot.

His crime was listed as "Out of state offense,"" so I wasn’t able to get the specifics (you usually can—this was an unusual case), but he was definitely a registered sex offender. Scary stuff.

I would definitely recommend this tool to friends and family. Anyone can start running background checks on Instant Checkmate within a few seconds—just click this link to get started.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Sheraton Hotel is the Hottest for Extramarital Hookups

Toronto is known for a lot of things: the Leafs, the skyline, and for being an ‘Ashley Madison kind of town.’ Now, the homegrown infidelity dating site — which has become a worldwide phenomenon with over 15 million members in 23 countries — has surveyed its members to find out where they frequent to have their affairs. polled 3,246 male members (Torontonians and travelers) who have met an affair partner at a hotel in the GTA, revealing the most popular hotels in town for a risqué rendezvous. Here are the Top 5 Toronto hotels for extramarital hookups: #1 –Sheraton– 31% (Queen / Yonge) #2 –Fairmont Royal York– 19% (Front St. West) #3 –The Hazelton– 16% (Yorkville) #4 –Westin Harbour Castle– 16% (Harbour Square) #5 –Hilton Garden Inn– 15% (Mississauga/Airport) founder and CEO Noel Biderman is not surprised by these results: “It’s no secret that affairs generally take place in hotel rooms and away from the family home. Our research reveals that while these hotels may not be where they would stay on a typical business or family trip, to fulfill on the perfect affair, they tend to chose something more exotic, trendy and even romantic.” “In Toronto, it’s not surprising that the majority of the affairs take place downtown,” Biderman continues. “With so many people commuting into the city, as well as those visiting on business, hotels located downtown and near the airport are the ultimate choice.” Other hotels listed were the Hilton Garden Inn, Howard Johnson, Radisson, and Sutton Place, while no one seemed to use the Alexandra Hotel or Clarion Hotel and Suites. Other interesting data revealed includes the most popular time for these trysts: 48% prefer after 5pm and 32% have a ‘late lunch’ between noon and 5pm, with 16% starting their workday off with a fling between 6 and 9am, while just 4% can swing a sleepover during the midnight hours. These lovers typically stay for half the day (52%) or for just a few hours (28%).